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My Law Firm focuses on a specific niche. I represent small businesses and professionals. For this reason, I have familiarity and experience with legal issues specific to small businesses and professional persons.


In particular, many claims/lawsuits arise from disputes over contracts. In fact, I have litigated issues concerning Covenants-Not-to-Compete, Injunctions, and Arbitration Clauses in these contract cases. I have litigated lawsuits in Bankruptcy Court (Adversary Lawsuits). In addition, I have had the opportunity to prosecute cases in Business Court (Eighth Judicial District Court).


After I meet with my clients, I develop a “Blueprint” for pursuing/resolving the case. The legal/factual issues are discussed and analyzed. Moreover, I discuss the cost considerations in pursuing/resolving the case.


In terms of my accomplishments, I have had two cases published as precedent, in which I was counsel of record. I have received a Service Award from the State Bar of Nevada. More recently, I was nominated for the Top 100 Lawyers in Las Vegas.